Monday, 31 December 2012

Clara Francis at the Shop Floor Project

from the new British Butterfly collection: the Chalk Downs blue butterfly necklace
Forget-me-not and pansy necklaces
hot air balloon necklace

Textiles at The Shop Floor Project: Samantha Allen, Bonbi Forest, Holly Berry, Angela Thurston and Emily Mackey

A visit to The Shop Floor Project: no winter holiday (this is the moment when you imgine that it is snowing, rather than the constant rain and / or high wind) is complete without a visit to my favourite store, to see new designer-makers peices. They have some fabulous textiles in stock:
scarves by Bonbi Forest - these are new since I last visited. They are 100% viscose, printed with environmentally friendly inks. Beautiful designs - pictured here are the horses and birds designs
And cushions by Emily Mackey

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Selina Cheong - handbag and clutches

Selina had been busy this Autumn and Winter - I saw her at Spirit of Christmas and the East London Design Show - selling her handbags, clutches and purses all made by hand in London. She uses lots of richly textured and coloured leathers, making her peices very tactile. They are also very practical - the small and neat bag below is large enough for an iPad, plus other essential items. This bag has small handles and also a longer detachable strap for those handsfree moments - very practical.

I had big plans to write a Christmas Gift Guide or two. But due to the hectic nature of Life and Everything, that hasn't happened. So instead, I'm telling you, if you need presents for girlz: buy this lovely bag, and these beautiful clutches (which is available in gold leather that looks like real *treasure*, and also has a detachable strap. Oh so such a good design).

Monday, 3 December 2012

A visit to Brighton: Age of Reason scarves, Alexa de Castilho jewellery and St Leonards leather bags and purses

A visit to Brighton... the Age of Reason studios a stunning high ceilinged work place, lit up with candles for an afternoon sample sale.
 I am huge fan of Ali's work (blogged about here and here). I love her free flowing drawings, her naughty sense of humour and her choice of colours: vibrant pinky corals, dashes of orange and soothing, flattering greys. I had to visit her sample sale not only to check out her wares, but to see her beautiful studio. I see tantalising glimpses of on Instagram; it did not disappoint and it was lovely to see it in candle-light.

Some Age of Reason scarves and pocket squares

St Leonards leather bags made in simple classic shapes from bridal leather in the most lovely colours (below is green, and white).  These bags are gorgeous.
Alexa de Castilho jewellery: gold, silver, bronze, vintage, skulls, fangs. The first time I have seen Alexa's jewellery, and it is *love*

End of a lovely day *sigh*

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