Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Biscuiteers

Halloween is nearly over for another year - the candles have gone out in the pumpkins, the apple bobbing is done (my favourite game as a child), the trick or treating swag eaten - but I couldn't resist these from the Biscuiteers.

£38.50 for up to 16 biscuits in a tin (plus £3.90 1st class recorded), £30 for up to 9 biscuits in a tin (plus £3.40 1st class recorded).

Friday, 28 October 2011

Mrs Osborn Goes on a spree to Edinburgh - Dazzle jewellery

Back in August I went to Edinburgh, and I found Dazzle, tucked away in George Square on the stairway of the main lecture hall, showcasing and selling some great jewellery.

Gold and silver seed-poddish-ness from Victoria Walker: I especially like these poppy earrings , £140.

Sue Gregor uses acrylic to 'fossilise' leaves, like this passion flower plant complete with those wiggly things that look like uncoiled biro springs. Cuff, £45.

When I first saw a necklace by Yen , I thought it was by Georg Jensen - simple, classic and lots of silver coolth. This is a bracelet from the molecule range, £854, made up of tiny movable parts which gives it fluidity and makes it very tactile.

Grainne Morton based in Edinburgh makes jewellery using charms and buttons.
Bracelet with 9 coloured buttons £242; 13 coloured buttons £303.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tatty Devine brooch and Rob Ryan card celebrating 10 years of Mimi

As regular readers will know I am a *huge* fan of Mimi's bags and purses. Mimi started out in Spitalfields Market ten years ago - she then moved to Cheshire Street, and now has a showroom in Bethnal Green.

To celebrate a decade of Mimi's beautifully designed and made handbags, Rob Ryan has designed a card, and Tatty Devine has designed a brooch featuring Mimi and her lurcher dog Dora (who is every bit as elegant as Mimi, and her handbags).  The brooch (£42) will be on sale at Tatty Devine in Mimi's pop-up Christmas shop during November and December.

Tatty Devine, 236 Brick Lane, London E2 7EB - pop-up shop open 10th November to 31st December.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Notebooks from Bookery

These notebooks by Bookery from the Ebb & Flow range are exactly what I have been looking for  because I always have at least one notebook on the go (for work, and other suchlike) and it's handy to keep them together. The Ebb & Flow is a handmade nubuck leather cover for two A6 hand printed and hand stitched notebooks.
The notebooks below are printed with 'Words' and 'Sketches', £49.

Ebb & Flow is available in a range of colours, and different words:  Work & Play (pink and purple), Here & There (blue), Inside & Outside (green), Ideas & Plans (red). Bookery also sells refill notebooks, but I reckon you could use one from Muji or any other stationnery shop instead.
Bookery, based in Cockpit Arts Studios, London, also makes two-way hand stitched notebooks (12 x 21 cm) out of recycled paper (£16) and A6 notebooks in a range of colours (£6).


The search for the perfect satchel continues. If you are looking for old-school style satchels, how about these from Zatchels.
Red metallic satchel to match those ruby slippers you have.
Navy polka dot for, erm, dotty moments?
Classic colours such as this brown, which I remember from back in the day (the 70s), are also available.

Available in 4 sizes: the handy guide on their website tells you that if you want to carry your iPad you will need an 11.5" satchel; iPad plus other clobber goes in a 13"; an A4 notepad / ringbinder fits in a 14.5", and if you want to take your  (15") laptop you will need a 16" satchel.
Prices range from £76 for the smallest satchel, in a classic colour, to £120 for the largest size (handles and detachable strap can be added, at extra cost).
Here's what Zatchels, based in Leicester, say about themselves:

We are keen to promote British manufacturing because unfortunately many of these long held traditional skills are being lost to overseas competition. However, we’re standing firm and believe that the beautiful hand-made satchels and bags we produce here, right in the heart of the UK, are something we can be very proud of.

And that is why I love them. Simple.
(See also the Cambridge Satchel Company for traditional satchels, blogged about here.)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sophia & Matt - make up bag

This was very handy for my summer holidays, made by the lovely Sophia & Matt of Greenwich, previously blogged about here - just the right size for the lotions and potions needed on a short trip.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Craft Council Origin at Old Spitalfields Market - September 2011

A few things from Origin in September - my top pick: new company Urban Chintz - silk scarves and shawls digitally printed with images of contemporary glass and steel Tokyo architecture and floral details. Great mix of jewel colours with acid brights. (despite the digital printing, and my quest is handmade things, I've blogged about it because I heart all things architecture-y)

This gold stag beetle by Lucy Sylvester took my fancy, especially as it looks like it was cast from a real live *dead* beetle - imortalised forever in 18ct gold plated silver, 16" or 18" chain. £270.
All items hand made to order in her Oxfordshire studio.

Something to satisfy my need for jewellery featuring little birds, by Alison Haddon

Christian O'Reilly's Alice chair, originally designed for his wife (who has a lower back injury) - how lovely to have a piece of furniture made to measure for you; almost as good as having your beloved build you a folly. Christian O'Reilly is based in Cornwall - all pieces are made using sustainably managed UK and European hardwood.

Overall, Origin seemed to have an exhibition vibe which may have been the intention of the organisers, although I think this was enhanced by some maker-designers not keen on photos being taken (I can understand this from a copyright perspective)...punters were politely looking at at all the beautifully crafted goodies, but I wonder how much was sold..? 

Emma Fox - doves with star necklace

Doves with star necklace by Emma Fox. This photo hardly does it justice, but it looks beautiful on.  Contact Emma via her website here.

Clerk Ink Well letterpress

How true.

More letterpress slogan posters from Clerk Ink Well here.
This one costs £40 unframed, £85 framed.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Birthday list: The Great Frog+ Ally Capellino + Bright Eyes

'You can't always get what you want, and if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need' (quote the Rolling Stones).

My grandmother, who predated the 60s by quite some decades, said more wisely: 'What you want is quality'. She was usually referring to a decent pair of trousers since she knew TopShop was total tat.  But right now I'm referring to birthday presents, for me. Forget all that nonsense that I am too old for birthday presents, and really I have enough stuff anyway; here are some *quality* things I would like. Please.

(Dearest ones, I know you are not reading this, so I shall hide my disappointment that you haven't bought what I really want and pretend that I never wrote this post.)

My first birthday wish is for an anchor and swallow necklace from The Great Frog, home of rock jewellery, made in London.
My second wish is for an Ally Capellino bag - this one in particular, the Kelly, made in London.
Ally Capellino shoulder bag

Ally Capellino shoulder bag

I know my grandmother would have approved of these.

My third wish is to feature in this video for Bright Eye's First Day of My Life - it reminds me of the time I live in the States, in 1991. The other me decided to stay at college there, and not return to the UK...and somehow end up sitting on that red sofa.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

card o' paperclips from Cowshed Press

Did you know that the species of paperclip that we use most often is called the Gem? This card by Cowshed Press is a spotters guide to some of the more rare paperclip beasties found in your stationery cupboard.   I've always like the Ideal (the 1.5in size has a 100 page capacity. wooo), but I think my new fav is the Owl. Or perhaps the McGill.

Printed in silver and cyan on smooth manilla board.
Contact Cowshed Press to find out your nearest stockist.

Ally Capellino

I love Ally Capellino bags - take a look at this pic from her retrospective last year, found via the most wonderful Spitalfields Life blog.

This is my kind of bag collection - one in every colour of the rainbow (bags were loaned by their owners).

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Clara Francis at London Fashion Weekend

Clara's beautiful jewels at London Fashion Weekend - click here for more info

Saturday, 1 October 2011

London Fashion Weekend - September 2011

Here are my top picks from London Fashion Weekend

Sarah Angold makes perspex jewellery which has echoes of the Chrysler Building and other deco goodness

I know that the unseasonally warm weather doesn't make you think: I need a raincoat cape garment (proper name: Batwing Coat) by Kate Sherridan but I feel sure it won't be long before there will be much, much rain, and this is what you need to stay dry. £259

Some purses by Kate Sheridan

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