Wednesday, 26 October 2011


The search for the perfect satchel continues. If you are looking for old-school style satchels, how about these from Zatchels.
Red metallic satchel to match those ruby slippers you have.
Navy polka dot for, erm, dotty moments?
Classic colours such as this brown, which I remember from back in the day (the 70s), are also available.

Available in 4 sizes: the handy guide on their website tells you that if you want to carry your iPad you will need an 11.5" satchel; iPad plus other clobber goes in a 13"; an A4 notepad / ringbinder fits in a 14.5", and if you want to take your  (15") laptop you will need a 16" satchel.
Prices range from £76 for the smallest satchel, in a classic colour, to £120 for the largest size (handles and detachable strap can be added, at extra cost).
Here's what Zatchels, based in Leicester, say about themselves:

We are keen to promote British manufacturing because unfortunately many of these long held traditional skills are being lost to overseas competition. However, we’re standing firm and believe that the beautiful hand-made satchels and bags we produce here, right in the heart of the UK, are something we can be very proud of.

And that is why I love them. Simple.
(See also the Cambridge Satchel Company for traditional satchels, blogged about here.)

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