Thursday, 14 October 2010

Music satchel / case / bag to put your sheet music in: Cambridge Satchel Company, Matt Fothergill, Mimi

My daughters' tootling on the recorder hardly justify splashing out on music bags, but these are nice - and could be used as work bags, if only for flat-ish things.
Cambridge Satchel Company (so popular that your Christmas order must be with them by...erm... tomorrow) says a laptop computer could fit into theirs...yours for £73.
Cambridge Satchel Company - (chic and more interesting than black) navy music bag

Matt Fothergill's music satchel is more pricey (£149) but leather looks softer and stitching looks nice.
Matt Fothergill music bag

The one I want is Mimi's Beau, new for AW10 and inspired by a music bag, and costs a lot more than I can find in the girls' piggy banks (even though the going rate for the Tooth Fairy is £1 per tooth; there has been massive inflation since the 1970s). £360.
Mimi Beau bag, music satchel inspired, lovely tan colour

One can dream.

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