Sunday, 25 March 2012

Country Living Fair Spring 2012 - Top Picks - Caurnie soap

It's always great to meet the designer-makers in person, which you can do at Country Living Fair - James Little, skilled soapmaker of Caurnie soaps, is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the soap-making company established by his grandfather. Caurnie have been making soap by hand since 1922 in  Kirkintilloch  - they use pure vegan, chemical-free ingredients which are sourced locally. You can buy their products from their website, and also at BigBarn, the on-line farmer's market, as well as on Ebay. If you're in the area and you want to have a guided tour, contact them via their website - they are located just to the north east of Glasgow on the M80.
Look at the big knife for chopping soap! (middle top of photo). Their nettle soap (top right) does wonders for psoriasis and eczema - and its success in healing has a loyal fanbase.
Bog Myrtle soap!! (as you can tell I was excited to find this) it's got slightly antiseptic properties and is often used for insect repellant - which is music to my ears as I am attacked each summer by midges and mozzies. It smells very fresh, lighter than tea tree oil which has similar properties. The plant is native to nothern and western Europe, and parts of North America, and it times past was used for beer brewing before hops were used. 
Caurnie sell packs of 3 x 50g soaps: Herbal Calming contains chamomile, marigold and heather; Gardener's Hands contains contains marigold, mint and tea tree; and their pack of soaps perfect for a Kindness Appreciated contains orange, lime and lemongrass soaps. All so delicious you could eat them!


  1. I love their much so that I used them as part of my gift wrapping workshops at the Country Living Fair!

  2. hello Jane! will you be at any other Fairs or Shows in the near future?


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