Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Notebooks from Bookery

These notebooks by Bookery from the Ebb & Flow range are exactly what I have been looking for  because I always have at least one notebook on the go (for work, and other suchlike) and it's handy to keep them together. The Ebb & Flow is a handmade nubuck leather cover for two A6 hand printed and hand stitched notebooks.
The notebooks below are printed with 'Words' and 'Sketches', £49.

Ebb & Flow is available in a range of colours, and different words:  Work & Play (pink and purple), Here & There (blue), Inside & Outside (green), Ideas & Plans (red). Bookery also sells refill notebooks, but I reckon you could use one from Muji or any other stationnery shop instead.
Bookery, based in Cockpit Arts Studios, London, also makes two-way hand stitched notebooks (12 x 21 cm) out of recycled paper (£16) and A6 notebooks in a range of colours (£6).

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