Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sophia & Matt of Greenwich

Sophia & Matt, I salute you.  Your company represents everything that I love about British designer-makers. Sophia and Matt, both with a training in design (she in fashion, he in graphics) make handbags and accessories out of laminated fabric featuring big abstract patterns of spots, stripes and florals.  They started out in 2005, selling at Greenwich Market - doing all the designing, cutting, sewing themselves.  Originally everything was sewn by Sophia, but now to keep up with demand most of their products are sewn in a London factory (they were, to quote, 'hell bent on keeping the majority of production in London'. I love this dedication!). Having traded from Greenwich Market for many years, they now also have a shop at 28 Greenwich Church Street, London SE10 - which I can't wait to visit.

Here's a selection of their products:
Washbag in Rainforest Green (I shall be placing my order for this one shortly)
20.5 x 12 cm, £12
Baby changing bag in Pink Polka Dot
42 x 30 x 18.5cm, £85
Handbag in 70s Floral Black
45 x 26 x 11cm, £47
ps - Sophia and Matt, if you're reading this: the large washbag (not yet available on the website) which I bought at the Spirit of Summer Show is fantastic.

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