Thursday, 9 September 2010

a quick scoot around the International Jewellery London Fair

Right: now the kids are back at school it's time to go and buy jewellery.  Well, it's a trade fair, so perhaps it's time to admire and make wish lists instead. In amongst the stands selling strings of gems and pearls, and jewellers equipment I found some lovely British designed and made jewellery.

There was none sweeter than Alexis Dove's creations - absolutely adorable tiny creatures in her Blossom range, especially the wren, and the new addition bunny rabbit. I wanted to buy a rabbit right there and then.  It doesn't seem to be available on her website yet.... but the Alexis Dove shop has newly opened in Lewes - and she has many stockists around the country.

Phoebe Coleman makes the most delicate, elegant pieces that remind me of gold and silver dew drops strung together on spider's webs. She was wearing several pieces layered together which looked fantastic; I fancied the necklace with tiny hearts linked together (sadly no pic available on her website so I can't show you). Phoebe is a London based designer and her jewellery is made in the city too - it's available from a few stockists such as Sweet pea, but not on her website.

Oria designs and makes fair trade jewellery in London. The designs are very wearable (no healthfood shop vibe in case fair trade makes you think of tea bags), in gold and silver. Their website states that metals, diamonds and gemstones can be traced from the mine to the consumer, and they support small-scale, fair-trade companies. This lovebird pendant is very sweet.

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