Monday, 20 December 2010

Letterpress things: SORT, New North Press, Papermash

For those that want retro stationery products and prints, there are some great letterpress goodies to be had.

SORT (the Society of Revisionist Typographers) are based at Cockpit Arts Studios, Holborn.  Fantastically handlebar moustache-esque, SORT make a range of cards and notebooks available through their Etsy webstore, and also wedding stationery (email them for a catalogue).

The New North Press based in Hoxton produces some lovely prints like this one of the Oranges and Lemons nursery rhyme - for the cockney sparrar in you.

Also check out Papermash which has a range of cards, notelets, and gift tags - when asked to 'Bring a Bottle' these tags are a good finishing touch. Nothing like a bit of honesty, eh?

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