Friday, 25 March 2011

Cressida Bell's recipes (and scarves too)

For those that eat often at Chez Obsorn, it can be a problem that the menu has little variation.  Spring brings a collective sigh of relief at the end of the lasagne and fish pie season, and heralds the beginning of a different kind of monotony for six months.

I like this poster by Cressida Bell a lot, and not just because of the design.

Taking a simple trio of ingredients (onions, tomoatos and beans), Cressida has 16 recipes for meat eaters on one poster, and 16 recipes for vegetarians on another.  It's aimed at students, many of whom are fending for themselves for the first time (but if, by some miracle, my children can afford to go to Uni, I hope they will be able to cook before they get there) - hence the poster style.  But this would not look out of place at Chez Osborn or any other reputable family 'restaurant' you know.

Cressida Bell is first and foremost a textile designer, of accessories and things for the home.  She has some beautiful scarves - a friend has the delphiniums; I rather like the look of the ibis print:

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