Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Man Who Took The Indoors Out

*There was an old man
Who was named Bellwood Bouse
He loved all the things
In his very large house...

In his white wicker rocker.
Outdoors in the air,
Bellwood said to himself,
"Now it does not seem fair.
While I sit out here
In the clear morning light,
My wonderful things
Are inside and shut tight.
It does not seem good
And it does not seem kind,
But I have an astounding idea
In my mind."

Bellwood went to the door
And he opened it wide
He shouted, "Now, Indoors -
Please come outside!"

If, like Bellwood Bouse, you take the indoors out (and Spring is in the air, so you might), you might want some of Susan Bradley's outdoor wallpaper designed and made in the UK by small manufacturers. It's made of metal, so it can stay outside all year round (unlike Bellwood Bouse's Indoors which eventually returned home somewhat the worse for wear). 

Susan also designs metal wall art, furniture, interior and exterior accessories, products and lighting - Creep Table below:

* With thanks to my aunt and uncle who gave me Arnold Lobel's classic children's book when I was little. It remains a favourite - shame it's out of print.

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