Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mrs Osborn's favourite shops - Mimi on Cheshire Street

Mimi on Cheshire Street is where my obsession for British-made things really took hold.  I love love love those old fashioned frame-style purses that close with a pleasing snap, so imagine my delight (c.2004) when I discovered her collection of said purses, in a rainbow of colours.  I wanted one of every colour; I settled for a green one, and a silver one (with a hot pink lining).

From there it was but a skip and a hop to purchasing bags (yes, that is plural) designed by Mimi.  I favour bags with long straps and a zip along the top - so my hands are free for swatting pesky children, and my possessions stay safe as I hurtle around town - and Mimi has designed plenty of those over the years that have somehow found their way home with me.  A particular favourite, not unlike the Delilah (see below) was made especially for me in fabulous orange leather.

I popped along to Cheshire Street earlier this week to take a look at Mimi's Spring Summer collection.

Delilah in tan.
Let me tell you all about it:
soft, slightly grainy leather,
one long strap cross-body strap, 
and one shorter strap to wear bag on the shoulder
zip top, inner pocket with zip.

Gracie purse with long strap - brilliant! - on mannequin.
Little Peggy satchel in hard leather hanging on wall to the left, 
and red and green ones on table (just seen)
Hero  messenger bag hanging on wall

Louis laptop case and Oscar travel wallet (on top of cabinet)
Gloria clutch bag - especially like the sparkly leather in sorbet colours- which I have seen up close, and it is delicious (top left in cabinet),
 and Lucy purses (bottom shelf in cabinet)

Big Teddy shopper bag - 
did you know the school book bags fit neatly inside? 
(hanging on wall and on desk)


  1. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  2. Wow I love all these bags I'll have to look for the store. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too,soon.



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