Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mrs Osborn goes on a spree to Luna & Curious

Luna & Curious on Calvert Avenue is full of lovely things, most especially some delightful ceramics by Polly George, We Love Carou and Phoebe Richardson. All of these designer-makers use simple white ceramics as their base, so these pieces would mix and match very well if matching tableware isn't your thing.

Polly George has designed ceramic pieces with clean lines that have a twist - Mr and Mrs Jones are two characters who pop up in unexpected places; and decorated butterflies rest on the side of mugs and teapots - these ones have patterns designed by her grandfather Lesley Arden.
 photo found on Wee Birdy blog
 photo found on the Luna & Curious blog

We Love Karou: I love the nautical range which wouldn't look amiss on the Captain's table (no, not the Birdseye fishfingers one, for those of you who remember those adverts), decorated with anchors drawn with thin blue lines. More on my anchor obsession shortly.
and also the palamino range with it's gold 'accents' (begining to sound like QVC)
all photos found via The Beat That My Heart Skipped blog as I can't seem to grab images off the We Love Karou website

Phoebe Richardson also designs fine white bone china in classic shapes. These ones illustrated with images inspired by 16th Century medical engravings are particularly good - I like the stacking cups, head body and legs stylee.

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