Saturday, 18 February 2012

The McGill Duncan Gallery, Castle Douglas

I have just discovered the McGill Duncan Gallery at 231 King Street, Castle Douglas which has a collection of very covetable ceramics, paintings, prints and sculpture.  I could happily give wall space, or shelf space, to many of the pieces from this lovely gallery which specialises in Scottish paintings from the C19th, and contemporary works by national and international artists and makers. The gallery is run by Jill and Zoe Blamire, a mother and daughter team, and it is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm all year round. Check out their blog for more info on events and what's new in the gallery.

A few of my favourites below, but where shall I start? - there are so many.

I love this earthenware slipware by Paul Young - as child I often visited the Wetheriggs pottery in the northern Lakes which used to make simple earthenware pieces for the kitchen decorated with wiggly lines and dots.  These pieces by Paul Young have more complicated patterns, but he uses those familiar feathered lines, dots and dashes.

I'd like both these pieces by Winifred Hodge who was born in Galloway, and now lives in Wensleydale Yorkshire. This Wee Mouse is particularly sweet, and I love the big open skies of this painting which I could dive into, if I had wings, a refreshing view when I feel crowded by city life - titled Frogs Are Croaking (mixed media on canvas).

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