Saturday, 21 April 2012

Greenwich Market: Emma Nissim clothes & Melisa Dora jewellery

Tucked away at the back of Greenwich Market, past the stalls selling imported clothes and some nice-but-beyond-my-budget vintage jewellery, is Emma Nissim - a small boutique selling clothes and accessories by Emma Nissim, and little bits and pieces of ceramic jewellery made by Melisa Dora.
The clothing is made from fabrics which have minimal impact on the earth and the workers who make the cloth: organic cotton, and other fabrics that sound kinda intergalactic: lenzing tencel made predominately from eucalyptus, and lenzing micromodal made from beech wood, as well as a fabric which is 70% grown bamboo and 30% organic cotton. All the fabrics are deliciously soft, and screenprinted with bright coloured or metallic images - here are a few favourites below:
pink and yellow sweatshirts - I like these colours together
bumblebees - there a whole flock (swarm would sound unfriendly) on the back
Menswear - pennyfarthing t-shirt
Menswear and kidswear
Menswear - apples and pears silk tie
Accessories - tote bag
Ceramic jewellery by Melisa Dora (very tricky to photograph without the light reflecting off it - I failed, as you can see)
perspex bangles
t-shirt and cards to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee


  1. Love Emma's work. I have a few of her tops and they are fab.

  2. hello Lush Designs! hope you've seen the pics I took when I came to your shop. Great day out in Greenwich...


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