Friday, 20 April 2012

Greenwich: Sophia & Matt

I went down to Greenwich today - my main purpose was to visit Sophia & Matt's shop (previously blogged about here) as they are just the sort of designer-maker company that I love - starting out by doing all the designing, cutting and sewing themselves and selling their wares in Greenwich Market. They now have a shop next to the Market decked out in beautiful wallpaper and vintage furniture, and they use a London factory to keep up with demand. They have an ever changing range of patterns, and and an ever growing range of bags and purses - if you're in the area, pop by for a visit, they have a lot more in store than available on-line,.
The shop!

the baby changing bag - which actually looks like it's useful for any bod who likes a large bag with a long strap and zip (although I'm willing to compromise, these are the two key features I look for as it's practical when I am out and about, on my bike etc) - even the baby's milk bottle shaped pockets at either end look like they could have another use (eg. bottle of evian etc).
large tote bag - really very tempted by this as it looks perfect for a picnic - in my fav pattern by Sophia & Matt

basket o' purses
love this pattern - how about mini dots in these colours, Sophia & Matt?! bring back some mini dots!
handbag in gingko floral

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