Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Favourite scarves - Age of Reason

If the classic square silk scarf conjours up images of ladies who wear them on the head neatly knotted under the chin, small handbag perched on the knee, think again.  Take a look at Age of Reason scarves, my new favourite scarf designer-maker. Farewell crunchy fake silk twill which generates enough static to light up Blackpool Tower, decorated with twee-ness.

Reasons to love Age of Reason:
(1) They believe that silk scarves should never be boring - their scarves are printed with irreverant, slightly warped and twisted imagery (their words, and I would have to agree)
(2) Their scarves are 100% silk, Made in England - they are big supporters of British design and manufacturing.
(3) Their website currently features a super-bendy-yoga-dancer chick demonstrating different ways you can wear your Age of Reason scarf, the first of which is the classic blindfold.
(3) Founder Ali Mapletoft looks like the sort of gal you could sip cocktails with at the Savoy and be assured of good conversation all the while

I am in love with Age of Reason's punk owl who features in their AW12 designs

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