Sunday, 3 February 2013

children's clothes by What Mother Made

I'm always on the look out for beautiful clothing for my four children. M&S and H&M are all very well - very practical, and cheap (which immediately rings those ethical alarm bells). But those high street brand don't really fit with Mrs Osborn's mission to find the very best of British designed and made products.
What Mother Made, based in London, is the perfect alternative - and well named too, as the clothes really do look like what my mother made for me back in the C20th. Clothes for girls and boys (woo! not always easy to find nice stuff for boys) from baby to 8 years old are handmade in a studio in Dalston. Everything is made to order, so if you fancy it in a different fabric, ask if they have it in stock.
Clothes are available to buy on line and also at the Saturday Broadway Market in London.

I'm very taken with these dresses, and the gingham boy's shirt

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