Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Miller & Jeeves purses

What could be more lovely than these purses from Miller & Jeeves?
 I first came across this Oxfordshire-based company about a year ago, and the tan Aubrey purse accompanied me on my adventures in New York (see here).
I am now the happy owner of an Aubrey purse in beautfiul soft red leather, and the smaller Elsa Mini. Both the Aubrey and Elsa Mini purses are made from strong leather that looks good and will wear well.

I just love the Sam Browne stud.
I like to pack a lot into my purses, and if they can't take everything, including at least one lipstick, then they don't last more than a week in my bag. The Aubrey has done well - I've got a few credit cards and many store loyalty cards, plus a purse for small change (mongrammed, from Mimi Berry - and currently on sale) and my oyster card holder (from Selina Cheong). And my Clinique Angel Red lipstick, no longer available in the UK, but the best true red lipstick I've ever found.
 aerial view


  1. I love looking at your blog Sarah. You have made me more aware of British designers that are actually manufactured here.

    On my wish list at the moment is a Sophia and Matt bag and a Miller and Jeeves purse. Both of yours look great.

  2. I'm glad you've posted again: and I've ordered the little purse in plum to sit inside my Susannah Hunter clutch.


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