Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Boutique Gallery at Jaeger

The Boutique Gallery at Jaeger opened last month; I popped down on Friday to take a look at what they've got in store. As well as their own range of Boutique clothing, Jaeger have gathered together a fabulous selection of British designed accessories.
The Boutique Gallery is currently located on the first floor of their Regent Street store, but I think this fine selection of British designer-makers complement Jaeger's own main collection so well they should relocate it to the ground floor!

Nicholas King - for the greatest chunky bangles: jewellery featuring fabrics and trinkets encased in resin.
Angel Jackson handbags - oooo what a fabulous quilted tote bag. Angel Jackson's bags and purses are made in Bali in their own factory.  Although my primary focus in this blog is on UK-made products, I love this brand for their committment to creating a good working environment for their employees through a production system which they control, good craftsmanship and, of course, fantastic design.
Noble Isle - bath and beauty products that draw inspriration from the plants and landscapes of the British Isles. Relax in a bath with their Lightning Oak bath gel, while reading 'To Autumn' by Yeats.
Age of Reason - designer of my favourite punk owl scarf. SS13 scarves feature pirate queens, daisy-chain-threading punks, and the very wearable Over & Over electric coral scarf seen far right of picture below. At the back of the store are the very covetable Wilbur & Gussie clutches and bags.
Cabinet - previously blogged about here - glittering treats, rosey-gold metals, sparkling jewels, something to wear when you party in West Egg.
Mercy Delta scarves - silks and fine modal digitally printed


  1. I think Jaeger are going from strength to strength at the moment with their collections and this new gallery of of designer makers looks gorgeous. Wish I was going on a trip to London soon!

  2. agreed! they have some great peices - especially like their Boutique label, and have also spied a cute ladybird shirt. The collection of British designers is lovely - great to see a big fashion name show case these things, on Regent Street!!

  3. I have bought the Palm Tree dress for summer but it is still freezing cold up here in Scotland so it won't be getting an outing just yet.


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