Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fairisle tank tops

When I was a teenager, the square girl at school who we called The Tweed (The T for short; presumably because we thought tweed was the depths of uncool) used to sport navy tank tops. How we snorted with laughter at her frumpy clothes.

But I'm having a 1940s moment and dreaming of fairisle tank tops (or having a frumpy moment, you decide). Get yourself the genuine article from the Anderson & Co Shetland Warehouse in Lerwick which stocks a huge range of hand knitted fairisle woollens in a variety of colours and patterns - a fantastic price of £129 for the slipover.

Alternatively, if you're handy with the knitting needles buy a pattern from Jamieson & Smith to make yourself something like this:

Or a pattern from The Vintage Knitting Lady 'cos surely you want to look a little bit like this:

Absolute beginners on the knitting front should start with this book: Purls Of Wisdom by Jenny Lord, available from Amazon (of course) which I'm told is great.

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