Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sanna Annukka's illustrations and prints

I have a bit of a thing about biscuit tins: v useful storage for different categories of bits and bobs. This Christmas and last, one of my fav illustrators and print makers, Sanna Annukka, designed biscuit tins for M&S.

good biccies, GREAT tins

I know her work from collaborations with Marimekko - the wonderous Finnish designers who are famous for bright colours and bold patterns. Sanna is based in Brighton, and is half-British and half-Finnish - her designs draw inspiration from the fauna, flora and folklore of Lapland where she spent summer holidays and I love the fir trees and kaleidoscope suns on these biscuit tins.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that Sanna has also created a range of screenprints -I have my eye on this purple and gold Magic Berry Bush print (check out that wooden storage unit - is that new or vintage, Ms Annukka?)

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