Tuesday, 1 March 2011

brilliant pencil case from Present & Correct

I have to tell you about this brilliant pencil case, for all you school swots out there. In fact, even if you are too cool for school (or too old) this is a very natty item indeed.

It's hand made in London by the people at Present & Correct - do you know P&C? purveyors of new and vintage stationery which appeals to my inner stationery geek.

I wasn't sure if all the little bits and bobs such as cartridges and a tube of 0.8mm leads would stay in, but it's a very clever design - an envelope with a simple stud closure that keeps everything safe.

envelope closure with small silver stud
all pens, pencils, cartridges stay put
A nice addition is the useful info embossed on the top - prime numbers, pi, primary colours - which is the whole point of it being called a 'homework pencil case'.  In fact it is the ideal pencil case to take into school exams.
homework tips / exams cheats embossed on the top for future reference

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