Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mrs Osborn's favourite shops - Belle & Bunty Boutique

Step inside Belle & Bunty's boutique, away from the hustle and bustle of Brecknock Road N7, and you enter into an oasis of calm, elegance and beautiful silk frocks. Belle & Bunty, founded by Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam, design the sort of elegant clothes in flattering shapes and colours that make you think 'hurrah! at last I have found...the perfect outfit for a wedding / party / night out on the town / [insert your own elegant moment here]'.

You can see their Magnificent 7 Bridal collection in all it's glory (and I think these dresses would not look amiss on the red carpet, should you ever be in need of a gown for the Oscars) and the newly arrived Spring Sumner 2011 collection is also in stock.

some of The Bridal collection: The Bunty, The Belle and The Estella (left to right) in very pretty shades of pink and cream

Spring Summer 2011 collection - on-line next week...

my favourite, because I love green: The Willow dress (also part of their Bridal collection) featuring a nice little collection of roses at the neckline

There are sparkly jewels too at the Belle & Bunty boutique such as tiny, handmade gold plated dragonfly earrings and vintage-style dress rings found by Alice and Hannah.

For those not already in the know, Brecknock Road is also home to Bumblebee (health food shops), Classic Shoe Repairs (the place to get your designer shoes repaired), and Salvino's Italian deli.

Belle & Bunty, 45a Brecknock Road, London N7 0BT
020 7267 3322

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