Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ysolda Teague - knitwear designer extraordinaire

As per usual, my post 'in tray' is full to bursting with magazines several months old, still encased in their plastic wrappers.  In my most recent trawl of its depths, I happened upon my copy of Winter 2011 'Edit', Edinburgh University's twice yearly magazine.  I flicked through the magazine quickly in case researchers at my alma mater had come any closer to understanding the Meaning of Life, and found something that was better than that: a great little article about Ysolda Teague, a Scottish knitwear designer (full article here p21).

Ysolda designs a great line in berets, hats, capes and shawls, all of which are extremely wearable (and necessary in these nearly sub-zero conditions we have had lately) as they are pretty, practical and have great attention to detail with ribbing, scalloping and so on (I am running out of knitting terminology) - particularly favourite designs are:

The Ishbel shawl - edged with a vine pattern and finished with a scalloped edge:

The Peaks Island Hood - just brilliant - a scarf that can be worn with the hood up or down, with one end of the scarf is longer than the other which can be wrapped round the neck and fastened with buttons:

The Icing Swirl hat - which looks like exactly the top of a Peek Freans iced gem biscuit (these favourite mini biscuits of my youth are actually now made by Jacobs which doesn't have quite the same ring to it, and remind me of the unfortunate Cream Cracker which they also make):

Ysolda also designs cute creatures such as this Mousie!

The only problem is that I'm going to have to learn to knit before I can enjoy any of Ysolda's beautiful creations because Ysolda only sells patterns, not actual knitwear **sigh**  

Available for pre-order now is Ysolda's book (I quote: part pattern collection, part resource book) called 'Little Red in the City' - I am very keen for someone I know to purchase this book, and knit me 'Melia', a hooded cape-like cardigan which looks like it has been designed for me.

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