Saturday, 5 March 2011

Made in Norfolk

Following on from Made in Yorkshire, my virtual tour around the country has taken me to Norfolk (there is no logic to this; I'm just going to chose counties at random and find nice things that are made there - although I'd love to visit Norfolk again, I haven't been since I was a child).

Ah seed pod loveliness. Angie Lewin is a printmaker and her designs are inspired by the clifftops and saltmarshes of North Norfolk and the Scottish Highlands - seedheads, grasses, and flowers feature in fine detail, with simple landscapes forming the backdrop. There's a 1950s feel to her designs: spiky spindleyness and the use of muted colours. Her designs can be found on prints and book illustrations.  Her fabric designs are sold through St Jude's - along with other contemporary fabric designers.  


Angie contributes to the St Jude's blog All Things Considered.

Peter Dibble is a basketweaver who learnt his trade from his father-in-law. He works with willow, much of which is sourced from his own plantation, to make baskets and fences. His baskets are the perfect thing for picnics, or easter egg hunts, or collecting apples in the orchard, or filled with logs and placed artfully by your (electric) Aga in your inner-city kitchen. 

There's something rather sculptural about the shapes of these baskets with their elegant curves.

Peter also makes coffins, for more eco-friendly burials - click here to see a pic (and of other work), it is a thing of great beauty and fitting final resting place.

Contact details:
Angie Lewin

Peter Dibble, 17 Le Strange Close, Norwich, NR2 3PN   01603 662725

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