Sunday, 6 March 2011

great wallpaper

Some of my favourite wallpaper:

Miss Print's wallpaper features spindly, spiky (but not unfriendly) graphics inspired by mid-century and Scandinavian designs.   Their wallpaper is PEFC certified - the paper is derived from sustainable sources - and organic, non-toxic pigment inks are used which are free of heavy metals and classed as non-carcinogenic.  All v important if you are going to be breathing in wallpaper fumes all day, as it is (to quote that well known mag - but do they use that strap line anymore?) the stuff that surrounds you.

Miss Print are based in East London; their wallpapers are printed in the UK.

Dandelion Mobile in mist green and white

Saplings Wallpaper: Sunflower Yellow with White

I also have a great fondness for Mibo, designed by Madeleine Rogers in Hove and made in the UK - Clacket Lane (great name, and reason alone to cover your walls with it) has a clean modern design of leaves and birds.

Mibo's Clacket Lane cream wallpaper

What to choose from Neisha Crosland, who is surely queen of wallpaper? Anemone is a favourite:

Neisha Crosland's Anemone wallpaper - surely a classic?
Neisha Crosland Sea Thistle wallpaper

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