Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tamara Fogle's purses and bags

I love those old fashioned 'frame' purses, in fact they are a bit of an obsession (via Mimi, they were the starting point for my interest in British made things), and Tamara Fogle makes a whole range of purses and bags which feature the old fashioned-style frames that make a pleasing snap when they are closed.

Palm purse (I have one of these - large enough for credit cards, cash and other bits and bobs if you want to travel light on a night out, such as mobile phone, lipstick, whatever)

I like this bag that looks like an old fashioned doctor's bag - the Landsdowne, in brilliant red

Tamara also uses antique fabrics such as Hungarian grain sacks; the Grab Bag below uses a quilted Indian textile:

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