Monday, 7 March 2011

hand made on the high street

Unexpectedly, a free morning: free of kids, free of work. What to do? A quick bus ride into town, to check out hand made things on the high street.
Starting off at Liberty - not exactly 'high street' unless Regent Street is your usual shopping haunt - I found Annina Vogel who makes jewellery using antique gold charms.  Each piece is unique as the charms are not replicas but the real thing and diamonds often feature. Lovely. Pricey. (I'm finding it hard to find anything on her website for less than £250) **sigh**

Might as well go for broke and show you this All Hearts Victorian charm necklace - which costs many thousands £££

On to TopShop which has been stocking hand made headgear by Chapeau Claudette for a while - today I found this Kylie clip - cost about £10, which is much more pleasing.

BARK jewellery is not currently in stock at Anthropologie, but I noticed this piece worn by one of the very nice gals in the shop:

and also Mimi's Honey bag in nice soft, slightly grainy leather - zip closure at the top, with a short strap and a long detachable over the shoulder strap too (this style is currently on sale on the Mimi website, thus cheaper than at Anthropologie).

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