Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mrs Osborn's favourite shops - Harrington & Squires

I'd really like to have a business card - but I think I need to be more of a ducker / diver / wheeler / dealer and a bit less of a maid-of-all-work before I splash out. Besides, I need some time to work out what info should go on my business card.

Once I've decided, I know where to go: Harrington & Squires, letterpress printers and designers.

Harrington & Spires are tucked away in Tufnell Park, in a tall thin space called The Corridor (1.2 metres wide, 3 storeys high).  They have many, many beautiful examples of business cards for inspiration, and can design one that is just right for you.

As well as bespoke business cards, wedding stationery, invitations and cards, Harrington & Squires also sell hankies, fridge magnets and calendars...
Top row: folded letter Love card £6;
Bottom row: Sneezie hankie printed with the word Sneeze, Boohoo or Atishoo £10 each
shopping list button fridge magnets -
you probably can't read the type as I didn't zoom in enough...
they have essential grocery items to remind you what to buy
top row: perforated calender
(it's long and thin and you tear off each day that goes by) £16.50;
bottom row: postcards £2.50 each

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