Sunday, 3 April 2011

Emily Bedford's earrings

I had a chance to meet Emily Bedford last week and to see her jewellery up close...having spied a friend wearing a pair of her swallow earrings (silhouettes of a bird in flight, set against gold leaf - classy and very wearable), I knew I had to do some investigations for myself.  

Emily hand makes her earrings individually, rather than casting them, using gold, silver, miniature paintings, resin and enamel - so each one is unique.

I took some pics of her earrings - she also makes necklaces, bracelets and brooches (available on her website). These earrings use pictures of tiny birds, and the images used in each pair are slightly, subtly different from each other.

earrings featuring miniature paintings from the Souvenir collection
gold and silver earrings with coloured enamel from the Dancer collection
gold earrings
It was lovely to meet you Emily, and thanks for the tea!
Here is a pic of the earrings that I have my eye on (these earrings are also available with black swallow on a gold background):

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