Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mrs Osborn goes on a spree to the Primrose Hill Fair, Regents Park Road

I went to the Primrose Hill Christmas Fair today, and found these embroidered cushions by Shanti Sundays a company that makes yoga clothes and these cushions which according to the website are 'yoga props'. I'm not exactly sure how they would prop you up, especially since I do Bikram Yoga which is too hot to even think about woollen cushions. But anyway, they are very pretty and could be used for general lounging around on the sofa.

Large cushion £45, small cushion £35, Heart meditation cushion £42

I think the name of this designer is Silvia James, who makes alpaca children's wear. I should have taken a card, but I forgot and when I returned they had gone. Perhaps they had blown away - it was very windy this morning.

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