Friday, 24 February 2012

Alexis Dove - urchin hoop earrings

I have these Alexis Dove urchin hoop earrings in gold vermeil. I bought them last summer (after my search for the perfect hoop earrings) and I wear them almost every day and they are much admired. I hesitate to say that they are my 'go to' earrings, since I don't like that phrase, but it's true: if I can't think what earrings to wear, and I really must always wear earrings, I'll put these on.
I have the smaller size (42mm diameter), but I covet the larger ones (56mm diameter) having seen Alexis herself wearing a pair at a fair.  I'd like them in rose gold vermeil - not on available her website, but I have heard rumour of them.
All her pieces are handmade in Sussex - I liked the fact that, when I placed the order for my urchin hoops, I had to wait a bit for them to be made (even though I was so impatient, I would have liked them yesterday).
I also like her little wren and bunny rabbit pendants - available in silver or gold vermeil
If you live down Sussex way, Alexis has a showroom in Lewes based in The Needlemakers - which stocks her collection and a few other selected designers such as Laura Gravestock.

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