Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mrs Osborn goes on a spree to 123 Brick Lane

A few weeks ago I went on a spree to 123 Brick Lane, which stands proudly at the corner of Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Road, the newly painted vertical numbers clearly visible from Brick Lane.  A quick read of the Gentle Author's Spitalfield's Life post reveals that this shop had a colourful past - former occupants sold buckles to the clothing industry and air guns (unusual combination by any retailers standards), and to boost business they also sold illegal guns.

It now houses the boutique 123, which sells a mix of fashion, art, food and lifestyle products celebrating the best of Britain's creative talent.  It's a good place to go and find unusual things for your home, or unique pieces of clothing, or presents for people that like something a bit different - there's something for everyone, from very affordable little bits and bobs like books or soap, to the more expensive jewellery or one-off art works. Check out their Tumblr for more info about what's new in their boutique.

I like the decorative gold and silver skulls in their window displays

Some of the designer-makers currently on sale at 123 Brick Lane are: diaries and address books by Leathersmith of London, art work by Altered Curiosity, hand made soap by Fanny & Claude, Tana West ceramics and Maxemilia hankies. I'll blog more about these designer-makers soon.

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