Saturday, 24 March 2012

Country Living Fair Spring 2012 - Top picks - kids clothes from Bread & Jam and Isabee

When you go on a spree, you must not forget the children - it (sort of) makes up for all the treats you are buying for yourself. My top picks for kids at the Country Living Fair were Bread and Jam, and Isabee.

Bread and Jam make dresses for girls aged 2 to 10 years, using delightfully retro fabrics. I *love* that their company name is taken from one of my all time favourite kids books: Bread and Jam for Frances (a very single minded little badger who prefers to eat bread and jam, rather than all the other meals her mother cooks). I like the simple tunic style of the B&J dresses that they are making this season, which can be worn with tights, leggings or jeans.  As they say on their website, runs are small so you're unlikely to bump into lots of other little girls wearing the same dress - which can be an issue from certain popular high street chains, or mail order companies (mentioning no names).
Dresses with pockets are a little girl's dream - 
somewhere to store Moshi monster cards, GoGos, silly bands etc etc.
I love this pink and red Runaway dress - very on-curve for S/S12 - the fabric is called 'red crush'

I also love the sky blue dress, bottom left
Isabee based in London sell applique organic cotton t-shirts and bibs, and dressing up clothes all sewn by the lovely Isabee herself.  Isabee also sells fleecy blankets and hats for babies.

dressing up clothes for pirates and fairy princesses

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