Saturday, 24 March 2012

Country Living Fair Spring 2012 - Top picks - Whinberry & Antler

The Country Living Spring 2012 Fair in Islington is bursting with British talent - Whinberry & Antler, a company established by Jacinta Ingham, is a fine example of this talent. Jacinta was one of the first designer-makers that I met - well, I saw the badger cushions first and I could barely take eyes off them - and she very sweetly took the time to tell me more about her company, even though she must have told her story several hundred times already. Established in Autumn 2011 in Shropshire, Whinberry & Antler makes fabric and homewares decorated with beautiful images of British wildlife. The images are first drawn and etched by hand, and then screen printed onto cotton fabrics sourced from a Yorkshire mill. Jacinta stressed the importance of supporting other British trades and small businesses - which is another reason why her company is one of my top picks of the Fair. Read more about how products are made at Whinberry & Antler on their blog.
This badger lavender bag is filled with Welsh lavender.
 These are draft excluders (the wrong way up) with little hedgehogs marching along
 that handsome badger again

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