Monday, 26 March 2012

Country Living Fair Spring 2012 - Top Picks - Stockwell Ceramics

I spotted Stockwell Ceramics at Dulwich Picture Gallery last summer, so I was very happy to bump into them at the Country Living Fair.  They make ceramic buttons, as thin as corn chips and as smooth and flat as pennies, in a variety of shapes: star, oblongs, hearts, flowers and the more traditional round button shape. While buttons are their main business, they also make brooches and pendants. If you want to buy their wares, contact them directly via their website, or visit Ceramic Buttons which sells a range.
These are buttons from their original 'bright' collection - decorated with dots, dashes, spots and stripes
Good to know that their buttons are machine washable
Pendants and brooches - look at the lovely bluebirds, bottom right, decorated with designs inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement - they also make buttons with these decorations which were originally designed for the V & A.

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