Tuesday, 27 March 2012

on a spree to New York - souvenirs

Before my New York visit becomes old news, here's what I brought back home as souvenirs. I went for primaries: blue, yellow and a dash of red.

Manhattan is awash with global highstreet fashion brands, like Gap, Mango, Zara, Topshop, H&M, All Saints... There are no Madewell stores in the UK (yet), which is why I chose a scarf from there: a brilliant blue edged with pale pink, white and bold black lines, and printed with botanical images which I like to think are American, since one of them is corn maize and I am sure a British designed scarf would not have an image of this very American food-stuff (think corn chips, maize oil, and the lethal corn syrup).

There are plenty of American Apparel stores here in the UK, but it is all made in downtown LA which appealed to me as I was buying Made In The USA while I stayed in the USA. Also, it is cheaper to buy American Apparel gear in the States than over here. I am just a little bit obsessed with yellow and this bright yellow with blue zip jumped out at me - bought at the Bleeker Street store, near to where I was staying.

These large clutches are very handy for keeping notebooks and papers all together when I am at work, as a bag within a bag. The little pale lemon purse will be used for make-up: the red souvenir I bought was an 'Angel Red' Clinique lipstick. Or it can be used as a small clutch on a night out, a I did on Saturday, with the yellow key ring attached to make a wrist-strap - room enough for purse, mobile, keys and lipstick too.

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