Sunday, 8 April 2012

Selvedge Spring Fair 2012 - Top picks - Conkers shoes

Conker has been handmaking bespoke shoes, sandals and boots in Devon since 1977 - they stock a range of styles for adults, including T-bars and Mary Janes if your feet won't fit into Start-rites anymore. And they also make shoes for kids.
Handmade shoes look (and taste?) a bit like burritos, but these pink ones with purple laces have something of the macaroon about them.
Belts rolled up like liquorice wheels.
You know those Clarke's sandals that you used to wear when the world was brown and orange (the 70s), how about some metallic ones to bring you into the 21st Century? they even have that all important crepe sole so you can bounce along the cobbled streets.
As these shoes are handmade, they are about twice the price of shoes you could buy for your kids at, say, John Lewis - but Conker shoes can be stretched a half size to accommodate growing feet, or a whole size when they are you're quids in, plus they are handmade in the UK and not in a factory in a far-away land, plus there is not so much wastage since the uppers are resused.
To order a pair of shoes, you can simply order your normal foot size, but if you think you may need them to be modified to fit awkward shaped feet then you can send them drawings of your feet so that Conker can help you choose the right sized shoe - or make special modifications to your chosen pair if alterations are needed.

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  1. I love those pink lace ups! I really like shoes that are shaped like real feet around the toes - Cornish pasty chic.


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