Sunday, 19 August 2012

Susannah Hunter on Lamb's Conduit Street

Back in June, I went to visit Susannah Hunter on Lamb's Conduit Street - tucked away in Bloomsbury in the area between Grey's Inn and Great Ormonde Street, it is home to little boutiques, restaurants and cafes and Susannah's shop where she sells her creations: leather handbags appliqued with floral designs. All of her creations are designed and made on the premises.
I love her classic daisy design, which pops up every so often in her collections

trunk o' bags - the trunk is also decorated, with irises 
Susannah's bags cost £££ - start off your collection with something smaller and more affordable: an iPad or Kindle cover

rolls of leather in a rainbow of colours
detail of a screen

furnish your home with Susannah's church chairs
these bags are the perfect way to tote around your kid's toys when you are out and about

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