Saturday, 2 April 2011

Selvedge Spring Fair - some highlights (part 1)

I went to the Selvedge Spring Fair today at St Augustine's church hall on Archway Road - it was fantastic! a great selection of UK designer-makers: some that I already knew such as Noolibird, and some new ones like Bojo Childrenwear and Folk at Home.

First, some pics of St Augustine's church hall: all decked out in purple alliums for the Fair

Here are some high lights of the designer-makers (part 1)...

Blodwen - this company sells products made in Wales by a variety of designer-makers.  They are 'committed to the preservation and revival of traditional rural skills and the promotion of artisans...Blodwen aims to bring about real regeneration, contributing to rural communities as they maintain their way of life and livelihood'.

Blodwen zip purse and clasp purse
 quilts and blankets (Carthenni)
Magmu's Wild Rose organic lotions and creams

And Papa Stour - a company that sells Scottish made items: 'Papa Stour embraces Scottish art, craftsmanship and design in its purest form'.

hotwater bottle cover  by Kate
and some yellow dolly birds by Clare

merino wool blanket and cushion cover knitted by Kate
(with Fairisle knitted lavender heart perched on top)

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