Monday, 25 April 2011

Royal Wedding street parties - Trestle tables from Unto This Last

Looking for a trestle table for your Royal Wedding street party?  Take a look at Unto This Last who make a fine range of trestle tables and benches.

Unto This Last are local craftsmen of the digital age - they are based in London, making their plywood furniture range to order in their workshop, delivering only to their local market ie. London, so they do not have complicated logistics (no warehousing and packaging); and with the use of digital technology they are able to offer a huge product range from a small location.  As well as four standard facings (white, oak, dark and walnut), new for 2011 is a range of 150 colour laminates.

PS - we went to a great Royal Wedding Street Party - someone got so utterly legless, they decided that opening a tin of red paint was a good idea - you can imagine the carnage.  Trestle tables and benches with a pillar box red laminate would have disguised the damage.

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