Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mrs Osborn goes on a spree to Edinburgh - part 2

If you wade your way through the shops selling the touristy tat / fudge / Princess Diana tartans (eh?) you can find some fantastic little shops right in the heart of Edinburgh

The Scottish Soapworks on the Royal Mile, 263 Canongate.
(note: the soapy smells emanating from this shop is kind to the nostrils,
unlike the smell of Lush which shrivels the olfactory nerve from 100 yards)

These are cute: Scottish Fine Soaps soaps in tins,  also available in tins that say: Happy Birthday or I Love You price £4.95

Fabhatrix in Cowgatehead. Sadly, there are not enough occasions in my life when a hat (and gloves) are required - otherwise I would be a regular here

A fruit-feather cocktail for your head

Lickety Splits on Jeffrey Street, full of sweet goodness

Architects near to Bruntsfield Links - error on my part not to take note of the road name so I don't know who these chaps are, other than that they are Architects (yeah! architect love!)

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