Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mrs Osborn's spree in Edinburgh - bootiful views

And finally, some views.

Looking out across Bruntsfield Links - taking the scenic route to the Traverse Theatre via the Meadows. I also swung by the flat where I lived as student - unbelievably it seems that the permanently pickled Mr Ross at flat 2F1 is still in residence; he of the tartan trews, always-full sherry glass and wifey in her Woman at C&A negligees, you know those long flammable frilly horrors in turquoise 'silk'.
I digress.

Victoria Street from the Grassmarket. This street is spectacular, with activity at two levels: a pedestrian walkway above the busy shops and restaurants on the ground floor, and housing (perhaps now offices) above the walkway.

A 10 storey building which spans the height of two streets - this fine example is snapped from the bottom of Cockburn Street,  the upper part faces out onto the Royal Mile which is above. Jane Jacobs said there should be 'eyes on the street' - there are plenty here (if slightly forbiddingly grey)

The glorious Museum of Scotland. When Scotland was European City of Culture, my Dad gave a lecture there and afterwards there was a dinner. I was invited too. It was in the room with stuffed animals*  Best venue for dinner, ever.
*I could not find the stuffed animals on my visit, which was a shame, taxidermy being so hip 'n all.
(Taxidermy fans, check out Get Stuffed on Essex Road, Islington)

The Castle viewed from the Grassmarket

Last but not least: the magnifico Firth of Forth Bridge pic taken from South Queensferry, where I was staying.I could sit and watch the comings and goings on and under the bridge all day. Very soothing.

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