Saturday, 17 September 2011

Support The Campaign for Wool (Jigsaw does)

More of Edinburgh coming up.  Meanwhile, back in London...

Sunday's hellish visit to Brent Cross to buy school shoes, which was achieved after a long wait and the witnessing of a slightly unsettling spat between shop assistant and customer (not us I hasten to add), was redeemed by spotting this display in the Jigsaw window celebrating the Wool Week with The Campaign for Wool.

In light of a world-wide decline in the numbers of sheep, the plummeting price of wool and the increasing cheapness of man-made synthetic fibres, the Campaign was officially launched in 2010 (by HRH Prince of Wales) to support the sheep and wool industry.  It has backing from fashion, decorating, design and wool carpet industries. Find out more here - and in the meantime, get your winter woolies on (although, it's approx 20 degrees outside, so perhaps not today).

It was this extra-large spool of wool that really made my day
(that is how bad Brent Cross is on a Sunday)

Note: do not EVER go to Brent Cross on a Sunday if you want to leave with your sanity in tact.

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