Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tea towels - Repeat Repeat, Angel, Angie Lewin, Lush Designs, Lisa Jones

At this time of year, the washing up mountains can be somewhat overwhelming - these cheery tea towels will make the task fun. Oh who am I kidding - I hate washing up, having done it from the age of 5, so small I needed a chair to reach the sink.

'Why did the chicken cross the road?' tea towel by Repeat Repeat
Angel linen Stag head tea towel
Elipse tea towel by Angie Lewin
Beetroot tea towel by Lush Designs
Also very nice, but printed in India (Fairtrade): Lisa Jones Love Birds tea towel

All found at One Brown Cow, a shop which sells goods designed, manufactured and supplied from within the British Isles.

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