Sunday, 18 March 2012

on a spree to New York - travel essentials

My spree would not have been possible without these travel essentials - this sounds a bit like a sponsorship deal, but I really mean it: I needed bags 'n' purses to keep all my stuff safe, and what better to take than British-made things, that are beautifully handmade out of quality materials?

I also wanted to prove to myself that it's possible to travel without those v. handy but v. ugly bits of gear made out of nylon.

(1) navy Mimi Eric handbag;
(2) Mimi Teddy tote bag for guidebook, swag and waterbottle, made out of waxed cotton;
(3) an Aubrey clutch-purse by Miller & Jeeves for my passport and ticket,
(4) the most lovely well designed luggage tag I have found anywhere also made by Miller & Jeeves;
(5) a Rachel Orme Venus purse for my $$$ (reduced to just a few cents by the end of my stay);
(6) and a polka dot silk scarf from the Linen Press to keep warm against fierce aircon on the flight and brisk breezes in the first few days.

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