Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Best: Neon - Blair Ritchey and Spike the Punch from the USA

This isn't exactly neon, but I love this chartreuse lambskin Lulu Wallet from Blair Ritchey. Handmade by Blair, who is based in Pennsylvania USA, the Wallet comes in a range of pretty Spring colours - fuchsia, orange, pale pink, as well as those classic neutrals, snakeskin and leopardskin...Blair Ritchey's current collection includes the Lulu clutch in various different sizes, and the Envelope clutch which is only available in snakeskin.
My fav is the Kantner - ingeniously, it has a removable black leather cross-body strap so you can use it as a bag within a bag, or a bag for the essentials when you are out and about. Blair doesn't have any totes right now, but I've seen some pics on her blog which might mean they are coming soon...keep up to date with new pieces that Blair is designing by following her on Twitter @BlairRitchey.

Blair's purses would look good with a Rainey necklace by Spike the Punch, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one. I say lucky as they are seriously hot stuff, in such high demand that just when you think you've snagged one, you find it disappears out of your on-line shopping cart because another glitter obsessed girl has managed to type in her credit card details faster. Spike the Punch, another US designer-maker sells her necklaces, Raineys and other sparkly delights, through her Etsy shop. If you want to know when more are available, she advises to follow her on Twitter to find out more @Spikethepunch_

I'm hoping to grab one of these babies: neon green and neon pink Rainey, to wear with my chartreuse Kantner

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