Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Art Walk with Fox & Squirrel

A little while ago, when the weather was more spring-like, I went on an Art Walk with Fox & Squirrel (@foxandsquirrel_) a company that offers a range of Lifestyle Walks, through which you can discover parts of London you never knew existed. Given that I have an insatiable curiosity about this city I call home, I think the concept devised by Fox & Squirrel is genius - and I'll definitely be back for more walking tours.
The Art Walk was lead by Natasha Hoare (@tashka) - art curator and writer, hugely knowledgable, stylish, charming in the face of my ignorance about the contemporary art scene.

The Art Walk, first stop: Cubitt Gallery - 8 Angel Mews, London N1 9HH
Cubitt is an artist-run space: studios for a community of 30 artists and gallery / exhibition space, as well as off-site activities.  We saw an exhibition of Nina Canell's work - Into the Eyes as Ends of Hair.

This is actual solid air, rather than ice (I don't know the title of the piece)
A glass vessel full of air from Mendeleev's study - the C19th Russian chemist who devised the periodic table.
the glass vessel - so precariously  balanced, perhaps not suitable for those arts enthusiasts with toddlers
Telepath (2010) - a 2000 volt current is drooped over a copper pipe of equal length

Next stop: Work at 10A Acton Street

to see Suzanne Treister HEXEN2.0/Literature - details of reversed book covers - more details abou Suzanne Treister's project here)
I read Walden when I was a student - but not backwards
Third stop: Gagosian Gallery - an amazing collection of digital photos of Mars taken by NASA and enhanced by Thomas Ruff. Also the workplace of a super glamorous and knowledgable gallery manager who told us a bit about Ruff's work. Sadly, no photos allowed...the 3D ones were amazing, and quite dizzying to look at.
Finally: All Visual Arts, 2 Omega Place

charcoal, with incredible depth

and also intergalactic light fittings

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