Sunday, 4 March 2012

rings by Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson is a designer that I like to check out every once in a while to feast my eyes on her incredible jewellery, especially on a day like today when it has rained non-stop and I have been surrounded by domestic chaos (what is about rainy days that make me search out lovely jewellery?). There is something about her pieces that make you think you have stumbled upon old treasure - I think it's the use of high quality ingredients (gold, pearls, beautifully cut gemstones), and the slightly asymmetrical designs that give it that much-loved, often-worn quality - a centrally placed gemstone, flanked by little itty bits and granules of gold and tiny gemstones set atop a gold ring. I would very much like a stack o' rings as below, these ones are diamonds which remind me of some Georgian diamonds I once knew.
You can see Ruth Tomlinson's jewellery on-line here, or at a Cockpit Studios open event if you want to see them up close.

Some vintage treasure I spotted that reminds me of Ruth's pieces

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